Things to Love and Not-Love-So-Much About the Newborn Phase

The newborn phase. Also known as the phase where as a new parent you just don’t sleep. Or practically don’t sleep. The nights are long, the days are too and to be honest, its hard. But there are just some things in the newborn phase that I miss now that I have an older baby. Let’s get to it.

Things to Love About the Newborn Phase

  1. The smell. Oh. My. God. The smell. Newborn baby smell is the best smell in the whole world.
  2. They make the cutest little squeaking sound. (When they eat, when they sleep)
  3. Just pure adorableness.
  4. They’re so cuddly. I remember I called her my little peanut.
  5. How they grab your finger. (I miss this so much)
  6. It is temporary. One day you will sleep again.
  7. How tiny their clothes are.
  8. How tiny they are. So much easier to carry around with one arm.
  9. They will go to sleep anywhere. In your arms, on the floor when they are supposed to be having tummy time, in their stroller, in their carrier… but mostly in your arms.

Things to Not Love About the Newborn Phase

  1. They can’t hold up their own heads. Always obsessing about supporting the head when both of your hands are already busy is not fun.
  2. So much laundry. They throw up and spit up and drool and poop on so many outfits.
  3. How helpless they are. I know I was always so worried about my baby when they were this small because they were completely helpless.
  4. How utterly exhausting it is.
  5. The witching hour.
  6. They eat just about constantly. Seriouly, I know they say you’re supposed to feed them every 2-3 hours starting from the beginning of the last feeding, but what if the feeding itself took over an hour?

Overall, the newborn stage is sweet and short. It is hard when you are in the trenches of it but it is temporary. I wish had said to me how much easier it got. Because, though rewarding, the newborn phase is a lot of hard work.

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